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Looks Like Heron Are Not Always Graceful And Elegant


(Image from the Daily Mail)

Did any of you see this image in the press last week? Here we have two heron fighting over a fish in the South of France. This image made me smile as when I think of Heron, this is certainly not the image that comes to mind! 




This is more the image that I see. A Heron wading in the River Severn they look so graceful and elegant. That is why I think this bird lends itself so well to jewellery design. 



Our Heron jewellery range has proved very popular over the last year and we have found that there is an even greater number of people searching for heron pendants, heron earrings as well as heron brooches.  The brooch is available in two different sizes: medium and large. The medium size brooch is 33mm in diameter. 



Our heron earrings are an exact match for the medium sized brooch so they are also 33mm in diameter and the pendant is the same. Some people opt for the matching pendant and earrings and the large brooch. It is an entirely personal choice. 




As always, Tain Silver products are also available in gold. 

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