Moongazing Hare Pendant (Silver)

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This lovely childlike Pendant is the Tain Silver Hare Pendant cast in Scottish Silver in a round disc. This piece has been inspired by the legend of the Moon gazing hare and features a Hare, a star and a Moon. The tail of the hair has been given a Celtic flourish with its elaborate twirl. The ancient legend of the Moon-gazing hare comes from an assortment of ancient beliefs. Pagans thought that witnessing a moon gazing hare would surely bring them rebirth, growth, new beginnings, abundance and good fortune. The hare was known to be sacred to the Germanic goddess Eostre and eventually the story developed into what we recognise today as the Easter Bunny. All our pieces are handcrafted from Scottish Silver in our Highland workshop. This piece is lovingly made to order in solid silver and is also available in Gold.


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