Beardpuller Single Brooch (Silver)

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Our Tain Silver Beardpuller Single Brooch , is a popular piece inspired by an interlocked design from the Book of Kells. If you are looking for a stylish, hand crafted silver brooch then t.

his silver masterpiece will be sure to impress.

The motif of a beard puller is well known in Celtic Knot symbolism but may also come from ancient historical roots in Islamic art, where beards were associated with men and beard pullers with dispute and conflict.

In the Book of Kells there is an image of an interesting pair of men each of whom holds the other's beard at the point where it becomes a single tendril or stem which becomes a typically insane and entangled piece of knotwork. When Christian and Islamic societies and cultures began to meet, a direct borrowing of images sometimes took place, although the meanings associated with them weren't so easily absorbed or even understood. In Islamic art there may also have been an entertainment aspect, as in the performances of professional wrestlers or mock fighters of the time period. However, after entering Christian iconography, the beard pullers came to symbolize the vice of discord and a moral exhortation against aggressive struggle.

This hand made silver brooch would make a perfect gift. Products are also available in gold, please contact us for pricing information.

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