Dingwall Celtic Brooch

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The Dingwall Celtic Brooch is an excellent example of a traditional Celtic Silver brooch. This brooch is popular with both the ladies and the men.

For ladies, this simple yet effective design is perfect for a brooch that can be worn everyday. Alternatively if you are looking for a Celtic silver brooch for men, this would also work perfectly as it is a strong design that will compliment your jacket or shirt. 

If you think you have heard of the name Dingwall before it could be the small town of Dingwall that lies close to Tain in the Scottish Highlands. Alternatively you may have heard of the Clan Dingwall in the Disney Pixar film Brave. Lord Dingwall was one of the energetic characters that featured alongside the heroine Princess Merida DunBroch. 

Having seen Brave recently which is set in the Highlands of Scotland, it is exciting to see how much emphasis was placed on the standing stones in the magical film. Many of Tain Silver's designs are heavily influenced by Scottish Standing stones. We also loved the Brooches and jewellery that appeared in the film and wonder where their design influences came from. We also wonder if they the film makers named Lord Dingwall (Robbie Coltrane) after the Scottish Highland town of Dingwall. 


Product ref: 1082B

outside diameter 45mm
inside diameter 25mm

Outside diameter 45mm

Inside diameter 25mm

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