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The Questionable History Of The Pictish Axe



We recently had a customer that wanted to know a bit about the history of the Pictish Axe prior to making her purchase (she was buying the matching pendant to these earrings).  I have never actually looked at this ancient tool in much detail before and it made quite interesting reading. 

As well as being used for every day practical duties, the pictish axe also has a bit of a gruesome history as it was also used to behead enemies...... but you have to admit they really make lovely earrings! 

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Traveling Savage Was On The Pictish Trail



While browsing on Twitter a fascinating link came up to the following article: The Pictish Trail In Easter Ross. The blog is full of amazing travel stories and is well worth a read but this article in particular really stood out for me. 

Many of you will know that the Tain Silver designs have been heavily influenced by our Pictish Past and this article includes details and pictures of some of our closest pictish attractions. 

Inspiration for our two new product designs that came out last month: the Nigg Stone Cufflinks and the Cadboll Cuff links was taken from the exact standing stones mentioned in this article. 


Hand Crafted Cadboll Cuff Links



Hand Crafted Nigg Stone Cufflinks


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