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Hilton Of Cadboll Stone Inspires Scottish Silver



We are very lucky to live so close to the Hilton of Cadboll Stone which is an excellent example of a Class II Pictish Stone.  As the name suggests the stone can be found at Hilton of Cadboll which is on the Tarbat Peninsula in Easter Ross in the Scottish Highlands.

Many people class this as one of the most magnificent of all of the Pictish Cross-Slabs.  If you are seaward facing you can see the Christian Cross and then on the landward facing side of the stone are secular depictions. Above the latter you can see Pictish symbols of Crescent and V-rod and double disc andZ-rod, as well as a hunting scene which includes a lady wearing a large Penannular Brooch and she is riding side saddle.   The Hilton Of Cadboll stone is dated between the 6th and 9th Centuries.

Tain Silver designs have been inspired by various Pictish Standing Stones including this excellent example.  Can you guess which of our products have been directly inspired by the Cadboll stone? 



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