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Hand Crafted In The Royal Burgh of Tain

If you are considering visiting the Scottish Highlands then you should make sure you visit the Royal Burgh of Tain. This town is situated approximately 35 miles North of Inverness and we are lucky enough to have a great choice of craft businesses to choose from in the town.


Obviously there is Tain Silver. Our workshop is situated in the basement of local Jewellers M A Forbes which is placed on the High street. We have a large range of products on display in the shop, making it easy for you to browse lots of products at once. 



Anta is famous for it's pottery, textiles and the lovely furniture that it designs and creates. Collected worldwide, Anta pottery is situated a few miles outside of Tain. If you are visiting Tain, make sure you take the time to visit the lovely pottery and their cafe is the perfect place to have a refreshment.




We love these fantastic glass baubles that were created by local company Glasstorm. This company is based in Tain and is headed by the very creative glass artists Brodie Nairn and Nichola Burns. Take the time to visit their excellent glass studio to see a wide range of their lovely products. 



Tain Pottery has some amazing products, the above photograph gives you an idea of what they have to offer. They have a lovely pottery which is situated just outside of Tain on an old farm. The pottery is based in a huge old barn which was restored by Tain Pottery. If you are visiting Tain then don't leave without visiting the pottery where you can find a huge range of their products on display. 


The Royal Burgh of Tain has so many different attractions, the above is just a taste. For more information just visit the community website -

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