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Drumroll Please While We Introduce Our Brand New Vintage Luckenbooth.....

image_3 Here is one of our most recent designs and this has been engraved onto a metallic plate by our big fancy engraving machine.

If we are planning to design a new piece, this gives us a great way of seeing how it would look before we actually go about creating it.

Not all designs make it into actual products and we decided to put this one to our Facebook Fans so they could give us their view on whether or not this should make it into our collection.

We had some really lovely comments so we went ahead and made the piece and we are absolutely delighted with it!


vintage_luckenboothWe have created a brooch and a necklace and both made their debut at the MFR Christmas Fair that we went to on Sunday.

We have a number of products that have not yet made it onto the website but if you did want to find out more about this product then just get in touch.

Here is a photo that I took on my phone and I hope that you like it as much as we do!

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New Tain Silver Aprons Courtesy of Highland Embroidery


There was great excitement in the workshop yesterday when our new Tain Silver aprons arrived. Silversmithing is a mucky business and our plain blue aprons were starting to look a little worse for wear.

Here you can see our new black aprons with our Tain Silver Logo and the website url We are delighted with them!

When we decided on new aprons we spoke to Highland Embroidery who are based in Lairg, Sutherland. You can find their website here: Here is Chief Elf sporting our brand new Tain Silver Aprons. This lovely design has been hand stitched by Highland Embroidery.

They took no time at all to complete our design and all of the apron logos are hand stitched - we highly recommend them!

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The Questionable History Of The Pictish Axe



We recently had a customer that wanted to know a bit about the history of the Pictish Axe prior to making her purchase (she was buying the matching pendant to these earrings).  I have never actually looked at this ancient tool in much detail before and it made quite interesting reading. 

As well as being used for every day practical duties, the pictish axe also has a bit of a gruesome history as it was also used to behead enemies...... but you have to admit they really make lovely earrings! 

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Silver Of The Stars Returns To Museum Of Edinburgh


Here is a great article in the Edinburgh Evening News  telling us about the return of Silver Of The Stars which you can see in the museum of Edinburgh until 21st September. 
It is a great opportunity to view a unique collection of contemporary Scottish Silverware.  The collection is made up of 10 drinking vessels including a vintage car-inspired whisky set for Harry Potter.
If you are in Edinburgh between now and September it is so worth a look: Tom Murray, the Deacon of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh, says, “Scotland is home to a unique community of artists working in silver. Their work is held by some of the world’s leading collectors and the demand from galleries to show this unique collection has been overwhelming.” 
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Traveling Savage Was On The Pictish Trail



While browsing on Twitter a fascinating link came up to the following article: The Pictish Trail In Easter Ross. The blog is full of amazing travel stories and is well worth a read but this article in particular really stood out for me. 

Many of you will know that the Tain Silver designs have been heavily influenced by our Pictish Past and this article includes details and pictures of some of our closest pictish attractions. 

Inspiration for our two new product designs that came out last month: the Nigg Stone Cufflinks and the Cadboll Cuff links was taken from the exact standing stones mentioned in this article. 


Hand Crafted Cadboll Cuff Links



Hand Crafted Nigg Stone Cufflinks


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Striking Image of Stones on the Isle of Skye

We came across this lovely image on the facebook page of and we thought that you might appreciate it. The stone stands out against the starry sky behind it and it just makes you want to visit that site. 
Many of our Tain Silver products are inspired by standing stones and pictish and celtic heritage and when you look at this image you can see why. 



We came across this lovely image on the facebook page of and we thought that you might appreciate it. The stone stands out against the starry sky behind it and it just makes you want to visit that site. 


It looks like this image has been taken in an ancient graveyard in Skye and the detail on the stones are amazing. When you look at this image, it is no wonder that so many celtic products today have been inspired by designs carved into stone over the years. 


It would be lovely to visit this site to see the designs on all the other stones, not to mention that lovely backdrop. In our opinion the Isle of Skye is one of Scotland's most picturesque places. 

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Looks Like Heron Are Not Always Graceful And Elegant


(Image from the Daily Mail)

Did any of you see this image in the press last week? Here we have two heron fighting over a fish in the South of France. This image made me smile as when I think of Heron, this is certainly not the image that comes to mind! 




This is more the image that I see. A Heron wading in the River Severn they look so graceful and elegant. That is why I think this bird lends itself so well to jewellery design. 



Our Heron jewellery range has proved very popular over the last year and we have found that there is an even greater number of people searching for heron pendants, heron earrings as well as heron brooches.  The brooch is available in two different sizes: medium and large. The medium size brooch is 33mm in diameter. 



Our heron earrings are an exact match for the medium sized brooch so they are also 33mm in diameter and the pendant is the same. Some people opt for the matching pendant and earrings and the large brooch. It is an entirely personal choice. 




As always, Tain Silver products are also available in gold. 

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A Quick Overview of Tain Silver And Our Ever Expanding Product Range

This video appeared on our Facebook Page recently and it gives our Facebook Fans a quick overview of Tain Silver and our wide range of hand crafted jewellery and accessories. 


Why not take a quick look? 


We have lots more videos  on our YouTube Channel which is a quick way to view some of our product collections. We will try to share more of these on our blog shortly. 


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Hilton Of Cadboll Stone Inspires Scottish Silver



We are very lucky to live so close to the Hilton of Cadboll Stone which is an excellent example of a Class II Pictish Stone.  As the name suggests the stone can be found at Hilton of Cadboll which is on the Tarbat Peninsula in Easter Ross in the Scottish Highlands.

Many people class this as one of the most magnificent of all of the Pictish Cross-Slabs.  If you are seaward facing you can see the Christian Cross and then on the landward facing side of the stone are secular depictions. Above the latter you can see Pictish symbols of Crescent and V-rod and double disc andZ-rod, as well as a hunting scene which includes a lady wearing a large Penannular Brooch and she is riding side saddle.   The Hilton Of Cadboll stone is dated between the 6th and 9th Centuries.

Tain Silver designs have been inspired by various Pictish Standing Stones including this excellent example.  Can you guess which of our products have been directly inspired by the Cadboll stone? 



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Hand Crafted In The Royal Burgh of Tain

If you are considering visiting the Scottish Highlands then you should make sure you visit the Royal Burgh of Tain. This town is situated approximately 35 miles North of Inverness and we are lucky enough to have a great choice of craft businesses to choose from in the town.


Obviously there is Tain Silver. Our workshop is situated in the basement of local Jewellers M A Forbes which is placed on the High street. We have a large range of products on display in the shop, making it easy for you to browse lots of products at once. 



Anta is famous for it's pottery, textiles and the lovely furniture that it designs and creates. Collected worldwide, Anta pottery is situated a few miles outside of Tain. If you are visiting Tain, make sure you take the time to visit the lovely pottery and their cafe is the perfect place to have a refreshment.




We love these fantastic glass baubles that were created by local company Glasstorm. This company is based in Tain and is headed by the very creative glass artists Brodie Nairn and Nichola Burns. Take the time to visit their excellent glass studio to see a wide range of their lovely products. 



Tain Pottery has some amazing products, the above photograph gives you an idea of what they have to offer. They have a lovely pottery which is situated just outside of Tain on an old farm. The pottery is based in a huge old barn which was restored by Tain Pottery. If you are visiting Tain then don't leave without visiting the pottery where you can find a huge range of their products on display. 


The Royal Burgh of Tain has so many different attractions, the above is just a taste. For more information just visit the community website -

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